Events, Listeners and Redis

I have a project at work which uses Redis to handle the queues and the Laravel websocket package by Freek van de Herten from Spatie and Marcel Pociot from Beyond Code. This all went fine for a long...

in 2019 // Read3 min

Combining Blade templates with Vue.js

In a project that I am working on, there are currently two public facing parts. Website Backoffice In a discussion about what (front-end) technique we should use. Vue.js being a big contender. But...

in 2017 // Read2 min

First steps with Elasticsearch & Laravel

After working with Solr in past employment, I’ve alway been interested in indexing large amounts of data and processing that. So recently I was told to look into Elasticsearch and I’ve been...

in 2017 // Read2 min